NEW 2024 Alpine Scorecards and Checkoff Sheets

The following scorecards are used for the 2024 Central Division Senior Program

General Documentation

NSP Event Training Release Form

Senior Evaluation Feedback form

NSP Education Programs Course Completion Records rev 2013

Outdoor Emergency Care “OEC” Module

OEC MSP Manual FINAL 2017-2018

Appendix A OEC – National OEC-MSP

Appendix D OEC – MSP Example Evaluation Set up and Matrices

Appendix F OEC – MSP Program Evaluation Form

Appendix G OEC – MSP Completion forms Required

Appendix G OEC – MSP Final Evaluation Record

Appendix E OEC – MSP Scenario Evaluation Card

Appendix B OEC – MSP Evaluation Application

2018 OEC-MSP toboggan packs and equipment

Alpine Module

Thoughts on Conducting a Senior On-Hill Evaluation


Aid Room Module

Appendix A Aid Room Module – Job Responsibilities

Appendix F Aid Room Module – Topics Training Guides

Appendix G Aid Room Module – Trainer/Evaluator Training Clinic

Nordic/Backcountry Module

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Bike Patrol Module


Future Region Staff

Senior Alpine Evaluator Roles and Pathways

Accredited Senior Evaluator “ASE”

ASE Program Overview

ASE Candidate Nomination/Preparation Process

ASE Training Program

ASE Recommended Study Materials

ASE – Five Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing

ASE Technical Vocabulary

ASE – Five Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing w/ Picture

ASE Score Cards

ASE Study Guide

Observation and Description Movement Matrix

ASE Six Benchmarks for Success

ASE Video Notes

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

More information is available at:


Quality Assurance Staff

Senior Program Quality Assurance Program

Appendix G OEC – MSP Quality Assurance – Course/Event Evaluation

Senior Evaluation Feedback form

Senior Aid Room Quality Assurance Feedback form

Central Division Senior S&T Evaluations Quality Assurance Program Staff Feedback form

Future Quality Assurance Staff

Senior Evaluation Quality Assurance Program