Southern Region

The Central Division, Southern Region supports ski patrols in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We provide education and training to volunteer patrollers, ensuring public safety on the slopes.

Region Website
Active Patrols

Upcoming Events

  • C023 – Oak Ridge
  • C030 – Chestnut Mountain – Website
  • C039 – Des Plaines River Nordic
  • C042 – Four Lakes – Website
  • C191 – Glacial Park
  • C167 – Grand Geneva – Website
  • C293 – Hidden Valley – Website
  • C122 – Norsk Nordic
  • C011 – Sundown
  • C020 – Raging Buffalo – Website
  • C103 – Snowstar – Website
  • C112 – Snow Creek – Website
  • C127 – Swiss Valley – Website
  • C142 – Wilmot Mountain – Website
  • C160 – Villa Olivia – Website
  • C207 – Seven Oaks – Website

These events have been submitted to the Central Division Calendar. For additional events taking place in this region please click here.

Region Staff

Mike Vaerewyck, Region Director
Brian Parrish, Assistant Region Director
Jeff McElheny, Assistant Region Director
Julie Timmons, Assistant Region Director
Glenn Kahn, Region Legal Advisor
Nancy Fudali, Treasurer
Julie Timmons, Secretary
Don Steen, Previous Region Director
Bob Nitz, Region IT Advisor
Mindy Royster, PR at Seven Oaks
Joe Zarek, Region ID Advisor and Southern Cross Editor
Contact Information
Mike Vaerewyck, Region Director Phone
Jeff McElheny, Assistant Region Director Phone
Brian Parrish, Assistant Region Director Phone
Julie Rousos Timmons, Assistant Region Director Phone
Deb Allison, Section Chief Phone
Don Steen, Chestnut Mountain PD Phone
Greg Lehman, Chestnut Mountain PR Phone
Mindy Royster, Seven Oaks PR Phone
Gary Pearsall, Snowstar PR Phone
Russ Weber, Sundown PR Phone
Kirk Larsen, Section Chief Phone
John Yunger, Four Lakes PR Phone
Joe Nepras, Grand Geneva PR Phone
Eric Taubman, Villa Olivia PR Phone
Tom Peters, Wilmot Mountain PR Phone
Joe Nakanishi, Section Chief Phone
Janet Murphy Ryan, Des Plaines River Nordic Phone
Sue Fishburn, Glacial Park PR Phone
Joe Nakanishi, Norsk Nordic PR Phone
Sue Boissenet-Smith, Section Chief Phone
Jeff McElheny, Swiss Valley PR Phone
Rich Mah, Michiana Bike PR Phone
Tom Haake, Section Chief Phone
Joseph Lay, Hidden Valley PR Phone
Kenny Haverkamp, Snow Creek PR Phone
Darin Affeldt, Snow Creek PD Phone
Jerry Massengale, Oak Ridge PR Phone

Region Documents

The following link will take you to the documents which are hosted in Google Drive.