Quality Assurance Staff

Senior Evaluation Quality Assurance Program

The Central Division Senior Program is a result of the concerted effort between the regions and
division training staff. It is critical to maintain the standards established by those involved in
developing the program.

The use of a Quality Assurance staff member is an important step of the Central Division Senior Program. This step helps ensure that the evaluation is consistent from year to year and from region to region. The division retains a team of individuals who are versed in the Senior Program. They are powerful resources to be utilized as both gatherers and providers of information. These individuals will participate in each of the evaluations with a clear picture of how the Senior evaluation should operate. They will act as observers and will only intervene in the event something should occur (or not occur) that steps well outside the guidelines of the program.

Immediately following the evaluation, the QA staff member will meet with the region staff to
review the completed QA form and, if needed, provide any additional suggestions to improve the event. Once the paperwork is completed, a copy will be sent to the region Senior Program administrator, the division Senior Program supervisor, and the region director. This step in the
process is not just an “evaluation of the evaluation” but is a means to give positive feedback toward improving the Senior Program. The intent of the QA process is to build an outstanding program for participants through a collaboration between the QA and the region evaluators and trainers. After the event, the information provided by the QA will be reviewed with region staff members as well as the Division supervisor and staff to help mold the training protocols for
upcoming seasons


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