Mike Husar
Mike Husar Awards Program Supervisor

The National Ski Patrol has a system of awards designed to recognize and reward its patrollers for outstanding service in individual events and for extended service to the association. The National Awards Program may be supplemented at the division, region, section, or patrol level. Many of the awards can be made at any time during the year. NSP officers are reminded that for all awards, except the National Outstanding Awards, a minimum of 45 days from receipt in the national office is needed to process the award. For more information on the different types of awards and the nominating process, see Chapter 12 of the NSP Policies and Procedures available by logging in to and clicking “Awards”


To nominate an individual or patrol for a Central Division award, please download the appropriate form from

  1. Awards Manual Current Version: PDF
  2. 50 Year Patrol Association: PDF, DOC
  3. 50 Year Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  4. Angel Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  5. Appointments Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  6. BRAVO Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  7. CCA Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  8. CD Certificate of Appreciation 2023: DOC
  9. CD Critical Care 2023: DOC
  10. CD Lifetime Achievement 2023: DOC
  11. CD Lifetime Worksheet 2023: DOCX
  12. COA Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  13. Cross Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  14. DSA Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  15. HOF Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  16. Memorial Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  17. Minne Dole Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  18. MSA Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  19. NN-LCA Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  20. Patrol Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  21. Patroller Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  22. Patroller Achievement Award Form: PDF
  23. Program Directors Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  24. Purple Star: PDF, DOC
  25. SAGE Worksheet: PDF, DOC
  27. Stars Worksheet: PDF, DOC

National Awards

More information about the National awards can be found by logging in to

Once you are logged in select “Resources” in the menu and “Document Library” from the drop down.

Then select “Awards”.

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) takes great pride in honoring the dedication and service of its members through a variety of local and national awards. Every year, NSP patrols, regions, and divisions bestow numerous awards that recognize outstanding contributions and achievements within the organization.

NSP’s National Outstanding Awards are presented annually across 16 distinct categories, including:

  1. Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol
  2. Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol
  3. Outstanding Bike Patrol
  4. Outstanding Nordic Patrol
  5. Outstanding Administrative Patroller
  6. Outstanding Alpine Patroller
  7. Outstanding Alumni
  8. Outstanding Bike Patroller
  9. Outstanding Instructor
  10. Outstanding OEC Instructor
  11. Outstanding Nordic Patroller
  12. Outstanding Paid Patrol Director
  13. Outstanding Paid Patroller
  14. Outstanding Patrol Representative
  15. Outstanding Patroller
  16. Outstanding Young Adult Patroller

Among the most highly coveted NSP awards are the Merit Stars, which come in four distinctive colors: Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow. A Purple Merit Star is granted to a patroller who has demonstrated extraordinary skills in saving a human life through emergency care. The Blue Merit Star acknowledges patrollers who have provided crucial support by utilizing emergency care in an attempt to save a life. The Green Merit Star is reserved for NSP patrollers who exhibit outstanding heroism that, while exceptional, does not meet the lifesaving criteria of the Purple Merit Star. Lastly, the Yellow Merit Star is awarded to NSP patrollers for any remarkable act or service that significantly benefits the National Ski Patrol.

National Appointments have remained a longstanding tradition within NSP, honoring patrollers who exhibit exceptional leadership, sound judgment, character, and an unwavering commitment to the organization’s service. Over the course of NSP’s history, more than 10,000 National Appointment Numbers have been bestowed since its establishment in 1938.

The NSP’s Distinguished Service Award is dedicated to individuals who have exhibited extraordinary service to the National Ski Patrol and the skiing community for a minimum of 20 years. On the other hand, the Meritorious Service Award recognizes outstanding contributions and leadership by region or division staff members (region director and division director are ineligible).

In addition to recognizing individuals and patroller teams, NSP also acknowledges mountains that have a deep-rooted association with the organization and have provided steadfast support over the years through the Fifty Year Association Award.

The Minnie Dole Award, among the rarest of NSP’s accolades, pays tribute to a select few patrollers who exemplify the enduring dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice of NSP’s founder, Charles Minot “Minnie” Dole. Since its inception in 1969, only 27 individuals, including longtime NSP Telecommunications Adviser Dick Woolf, have received this prestigious award, reflecting their extraordinary commitment to the NSP’s mission and values.