Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET)

Tracy Buchanan
Tracy Buchanan OET Program Supervisor
(303) 703-3431 tracybuchanan928@gmail.com oet@nspcd.org

The Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) program provides NSP members with on-snow training for skiing, riding, telemark, and toboggan handling skills. Our mission is to provide the membership with credentialed education and leadership training in outdoor emergency transportation. Training is provided at local mountains, regional clinics, and the Central Divsion Ski Festivals. Our programs our driven by membership feedback.

The OET Staff is led by the Division Skills Team. The Team appoints Division Staff and the OET Supervisior appoints OET Instructor Trainers (ITs).  The path to getting involved with the division OET program begins with becoming a senior alpine patroller.

Patrollers interested in the Senior OET program begin by completing a Senior Candidate Application here. The candidate’s Patrol Director verifies that the applicant has sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to participate in senior level training.

OET Instructors and TEs can download the OET Resources and Course Documents below.  Questions and comments can be made directly to the Central Division OET Supervisor.