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Central Division Fall Meeting and Awards Presentation – 9/12



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10:00 Board of Directors Meeting
3:00 General Session
6:00 Awards Presentation

See details below:

Division Board of Directors Meeting Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 10am-3pm EDT

Division Updates – Mike Schons-Division Director
10:30 EDT Deb Endly

ADD reports are available on the Google Meeting Drive
RD Updates are available on the Google Drive

Leon LaVene – Eastern Michigan
Jim Hughes – North Central
John Wiley – Northern
Dave McKinley – Ohio
Steve Paladini – South Central
Mike Vaerewyck – Southern
Jeff Olsen – Western
John Donnelly – Western Michigan

Advisors who did not file a report
Old Business
Consideration of Proposals
New Business

Review of Meeting Dates including Spring Region Meetings
Future Meetings:
● Spring Division Business Meeting
● Fall Division Meeting 2021-September 10-12 Hosted by
Southern at Chestnut Mountain Galena, IL

General Session Saturday September 12, 2020 3pm – 5pm EDT

Mike Schons – State of the Division
Brian Rull – NSP National Chair
Dr. Julie Stone – Educational direction and COVID discussions
Jay Zedak – NSAA Evacuation Manual Update
Meegan Moszynski – NSP Executive Director
Donna Gardino – National Board Candidate
Wendy Aarnio – National Board Candidate
John Kane – National Board Candidate

“Live” Happy Hour Saturday September 12, 2020 5pm – 6pm EDT

Stream will stay live for general conversations.

Recognition and Awards Saturday September 12, 2020 6pm – 8pm EDT

2020 Summer Edition of the Rusty Parka News is now available!

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Central Division 2018 Chair Lift Evacuation Little Switzerland Presentation.

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 Central Division 2018 Chair Lift Evacuation Little Switzerland

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