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Patrols in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are looking for help this season!  We’ve heard from several remote ski areas that they are actively seeking help from those of us willing to travel and patrol for them.  In particular, Whitecap Mountain and Big Powderhorn have reached out to the Division for support. If your area is in need and willing to take guest patrollers, please contact our Webmaster Daren Lukes to add your area to the list that will be posted on the Division website.

If you are interested in traveling , check back periodically for a list of patrols. If more requests come in, they will be listed on this site. You can reach out to and make a plan to patrol with them. 

Please contact their Patrol Directors and make a plan to work with them! This is a great opportunity to support our destination hills, help the NSP remain in good standing with our area Managers, patrol a new area, ski some new terrain and meet new people.


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Central Division 2018 Chair Lift Evacuation Little Switzerland Presentation.

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 Central Division 2018 Chair Lift Evacuation Little Switzerland

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