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Becoming a Senior Patroller in the National Ski Patrol program is a significant milestone for individuals who are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, and providing essential safety and first aid services in mountain environments with at least one full year of patrolling experience. This role not only requires a high level of expertise but also offers several benefits that enhance skills, foster leadership, and provide opportunities both within and beyond the patrolling realm.

Enhanced Skills:

a. Advanced Medical Skills: Senior Patrollers undergo extensive training and gain advanced medical skills. They are trained in managing various medical emergencies, including trauma and medical issues, which can be valuable both in and outside the ski patrol context. These scenes include multiple persons and multiple responding units to aid in the emergency services response.

b. Technical Skiing/Riding Skills: They often improve their skiing and snowboarding abilities with and without toboggans, honing their technique and comfort in various terrains, which can lead to personal development and enjoyment in the sport.

Leadership Development:

a. Supervisory Roles: Senior Patrollers often take on supervisory and training roles within the patrol, which can significantly improve their leadership and management skills.

b. Mentoring and Coaching: They have the opportunity to mentor and train new patrollers, contributing to their personal growth and enhancing their ability to teach and communicate effectively.

c. Decision-Making: Senior Patrollers are often involved in critical decision-making scenarios, where they must act decisively and take responsibility for the safety of others, building their leadership skills.

Opportunities within Patrolling:

a. Increased Responsibility: With the senior rank comes increased responsibility, allowing individuals to be more deeply involved in shaping the direction and policies within their local patrols.

b. Specialized Roles: Senior Patrollers may be assigned to specialized roles such as Slope leaders or trainers/mentors for new patrollers, which provides opportunities for continuous learning and development.

c. Recognition: Achieving the rank of Senior Patroller is a significant accomplishment and reflects dedication and expertise, earning respect from peers and the organization. The achievement of senior patroller is also an entry point to gaining the coveted National Appointment number.

Three main pathways to becoming a senior:

Senior Patroller Pathway
2. Aid Room Management module
3. 4 required electives Senior

Alpine Patroller Pathway
2. Alpine module
3. 3 required electives Senior Nordic/Backcountry

Patroller Pathway
2.Nordic/Backcountry module
3. 3 required electives c

Senior Bike Patroller
Pathway (This section is TBD)
2.Bike module
3. 3 required electives

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Senior Program Scorecards

The following scorecards are used for the 2024 Central Division Senior Program