General Documentation

NSP Event Training Release Form

Senior Evaluation Feedback form

NSP Education Programs Course Completion Records rev 2013

Outdoor Emergency Care “OEC” Module

OEC MSP Manual FINAL 2017-2018

Appendix A OEC – National OEC-MSP

Appendix D OEC – MSP Example Evaluation Set up and Matrices

Appendix F OEC – MSP Program Evaluation Form

Appendix G OEC – MSP Completion forms Required

Appendix G OEC – MSP Final Evaluation Record

Appendix E OEC – MSP Scenario Evaluation Card

Appendix B OEC – MSP Evaluation Application

2018 OEC-MSP toboggan packs and equipment

Alpine Module

Thoughts on Conducting a Senior On-Hill Evaluation

Senior Evaluator Print Ski Ride Reference Cards Combined 2018

Senior Performance ski/tele/ride scorecard SINGLE

Senior Performance ski/tele/ride scorecard GROUP

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Toboggan Scorecard SINGLE

Toboggan Scorecard GROUP

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Aid Room Module

Appendix A Aid Room Module – Job Responsibilities

Appendix F Aid Room Module – Topics Training Guides

Appendix G Aid Room Module – Trainer/Evaluator Training Clinic

Nordic/Backcountry Module

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The Beta version 54, March 2016 is located on the National website, at, under “Programs” and the subcategory “Nordic/Backcountry.”

Bike Patrol Module

            Under consideration

Future Region Staff

Senior Alpine Evaluator Roles and Pathways

Accredited Senior Evaluator “ASE”

ASE Program Overview

ASE Candidate Nomination/Preparation Process

ASE Training Program

ASE Recommended Study Materials

ASE – Five Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing

ASE Technical Vocabulary

ASE – Five Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing w/ Picture

ASE Score Cards

ASE Study Guide

Observation and Description Movement Matrix

ASE Six Benchmarks for Success

ASE Video Notes

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

ASE Video:

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Quality Assurance Staff

Senior Program Quality Assurance Program

Appendix G OEC – MSP Quality Assurance – Course/Event Evaluation

Senior Evaluation Feedback form

Senior Aid Room Quality Assurance Feedback form

Central Division Senior S&T Evaluations Quality Assurance Program Staff Feedback form

Future Quality Assurance Staff

Senior Evaluation Quality Assurance Program