Patroller 101


For Information on the Division Patroller 101 Program Contact:

Brain Ulrich
Email :

PDF download Ski Patroller Manual Study Guide
PDF download Ski Patroller Manual Key

Benefits of Introduction to Patrolling are:

* A registered Patroller 101 course ensures that your patrol’s toboggan trainers are covered under the NSP’s general liability policy while they instruct your candidates.

* A simple spreadsheet can help you better track your candidates’ progress through training.

* Your candidates will receive the same messages about important topics as other candidates throughout the country.

* Your candidates will get a well rounded patroller education. The training curriculum provides instruction in the fundamental skills needed to perform entry level patrolling duties.

Basic Teaching Modules are:

* Risk Management

* Adapting to the Outdoor Environment

* Toboggan Handling

* Scene Management / Incident Command System

* Rope and Belay Skills

* The National Ski Patrol, Ski Area Management, and the Role of the Volunteer Patroller.

* Guest Services

‘Presented as a modular approach, this course should be supplemented by area-specific training in policy, procedure, practice, and equipment.’

How to get started:

1. Register for the course. Go to “Member services” – log in to “Register a course” Course type = “Introduction to ski patrolling”, the IOR can be an instructor from any discipline.

2. Have candidates sign a waiver,  a copy can be found in the Introduction to Patrolling manual ( Intro to Ski Patrolling Manual) or the Central Division Policy and Procedures manual (CD P&P) or you can use an area specific waiver.

3. Teach the modules and area specific topics – You can find teaching ideas in the Introduction to Patrolling manual. (Intro to Ski Patrolling Manual)

4. You can track your candidates progress with a simple spreadsheet. Here is an example: (P101 check list)

5 . Close the course. Course completion records can be sent to the National Ski Patrol Office by hard copy or by email .

6 . Give the candidates certificates of completion . These will be sent to you when you register the course.

Note: If you wish to use any of the modules as continuing education for current patrollers, it is not necessary to register the course.

Introduction to Patrolling is a great way to introduce your new patrollers to the core aspects of patrolling!