New Version of the 2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C Online Modules to be Published on Tuesday, Sept. 6

The following  was distributed to NSP members on August 26, 2022

If you don’t have a skills session scheduled for early September and have yet to complete the 2022 OEC Cycle C Refresher Online portion, you may want to choose to wait to enroll until after Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, when the 2022 OEC Cycle C Refresher version 2 will be published.

Since the release of the current refresher, the Center for Learning support team, the NSP OEC Program Director and the NSP OEC Refresher Committee have created a 2022 OEC Cycle C Refresher version 2. Based on user common questions and feedback received regarding the current refresher, the navigation of the new course will be simplified while the material covered will remain the same. Our new Learning Management System allows us to make modifications based on member feedback.

If you have begun the current version of the refresher course, you may continue with it. It will not be removed from production, it will only removed from visibility in the catalog when the new refresher is published in early September. Another detailed announcement will be made when the new version is available.

We’d like to thank all of the patrollers who have completed the Refresher and taken the time to provide feedback on the process.


Central Division Ski Patrol Festival – Save the Date

The Alpine Skill Development Workshop is now The Central Division Ski Patrol Festival

This unique opportunity to receive training exclusive to members of the National Ski Patrol will be held on four dates throughout the 2022-2023 ski season.

More information will be published in the upcoming weeks but the key information is as follows:



Division Supervisors and any patroller who would like to learn the skills.

While we would love to see everyone at all four weekends, the intention is that each patrol sends 1-3 people to one weekend, whichever is closest or has the best date. Naturally, anyone seeking certifications will need to attend the March sessions.


  • December 2-4, 2022 – Wild Mountain  (MN)
  • December 9-11, 2022 – The Highlands  (MI)
  • March 10-12 2023   – Crystal Mountain (MI)
  • March 24-26, 2022 – Granite Peak  (WI)


TENTATIVE Training Workshops:

  • PSIA/AASI  L1 Exam
  • OET IT Prep Clinic
  • Movement Analysis Clinic

TENTATIVE Certification Programs:

  • ASE Certification  (March only)
  • New OET Instructor Sign-Off (March only)
  • QA Clinic  (March only)
  • TES for Senior Candidates  (March only)
  • SES for Senior Candidates  (March only)
  • Final OET Instructor Sign-Off (March only)

Additional topics which we would love to offer a workshop on if demand allows and instructors are found:

  • Mountain Travel/Rescue
  • Avalanche
  • OEC
  • Young Adult Program group activities
  • Women’s Program group activities
  • Pre Certified Event Certified Modules Education
  • Alumni group activities
  • Tele groups

If you wish to lead one of these workshops please notify Anne Blaedow, Guy Day, or Les Robinson.

How Much


Hotel, Lift Tickets, Registration Fee’s, Food, etc.


2022 Membership Fees

Dear Central Division Members,

The NSP Board of Directors voted Thursday evening, July 8th, to increase national dues for all members by approximately 33%.  You will soon be receiving a message from NSP regarding this increase with additional detail. After reviewing the financials of the organization, I am in support.  To my knowledge, this is one of the first budgets in a long time that has received the level of scrutiny and expert analysis that should be required for an organization with 34,000 plus members.  In short, this increase will alter the trajectory of the NSP and sustain it properly at the high level of service we all expect.
The increase not only helps cover the rising costs of living since the last increase in 2019 but also provides much-needed finances to support the operations of the National office.   Remember, the office develops and manages the infrastructure for all of the programs we enjoy – OEC, OET, MTR…  And it is imperative that the office is staffed appropriately, and is able to maintain a strong infrastructure so that we as Divisions have professional and relevant tools, guidance, educational talking points, refresher materials, an LMS, etc. supporting us so we can deliver high-quality programs to our members.
If you have questions or concerns about this increase, please contact Paul Kelly who is the chair of the NSP Finance Committee and an NSP board member, and has made himself available to answer your questions.  Or, you may contact Rick Boyce, the National Chair.

Thank you for the work you do for the NSP and the service you provide the public.  You are all much appreciated and vital to the success of the National Ski Patrol.

Mike Schons

Director, NSP Central Division
Think Positive – Test Negative”

Division Directors Report – Winter 2022

First let me start first by saying congratulations to Steve Paladini and LJ Lavene for stepping
up for a second term as Region Directors. Also stepping up to assist the Central Division,
Mary Dunphy – Division Bike Patrol Supervisor, Daniel Ayers – Division Webmaster,
Dan Dalquist – Alumni and Dave Dahl – Patroller 101. You can find all the Division staff
contact information on the Central Division website.

The National Board meeting by Zoom was an interesting event. There was a lot of discussion
about DEI or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Everyone should have gotten the letter
from the new National Chair Rick Boyce. Below is a letter I sent to all Central Division staff
and region directors;

“ You probably saw this email earlier today from Rick Boyce, the newly elected NSP national
chair. It’s the second step in addressing DEI issues, and the button links to a page
with the text of the policy I sent around earlier this week, along with an option for members
to acknowledge (or decline) that they “ have read and will endorse the NSP DEI policy, mission and vision while
I engage in any NSP endeavors.” The page also includes an opportunity for members to include their name or
NSP#, as well as a box to offer any comments about the policy.

Please be assured (and assure any members who ask) that there is no obligation or expectation for any member
to include their name or to affirm or decline or comment. Any response is entirely optional. As the letter says,
Rick simply requests that members “consider acknowledging that you have read our DEI policy.” And it ensures
every member that “your reply will be kept private, will never become part of your membership record or education
transcript, never published, or be singled out in any way.” It’s an opportunity
for members — if they wish — to provide feedback, whether positive or
negative, about this policy…”

This is a sensitive issue, I understand that, however, it is also bigger than
the NSP and has a lot to do with holding people accountable for their actions
and words. My email and phone is always open to any member who
wishes to discuss their concerns with me instead of or in addition to the directed
input page. Know that many of our industry partners are also driving
this action and are also heading in this direction.

There are still questions as to youth protection training. Many of those are related to the timing of recertification. There are a number of organizations that I accept training from, each have
differing recertification dates. Just know that we are managing that recertification at the Division level based upon
your certification body. They can be anywhere from one year (Safe Sport) to four years for Vitrus and the Civil Air
Patrol and some in between. I will email folks based upon their expiration date from the certification body when
they are due to recertify.

Awards are being written now and sent into the regions and division. Please, lets make this a great season of
awards as folks have worked hard during the past year and during a pandemic and certainly need to be recognized
for their efforts above and beyond our standard duty.

In the Central Division we have been doing a lot of positive things! I happened to stop by for the women’s program
event in Easter Michigan Region and I was very happy to see so many participants. It looked like an amazing event
and showcases Kerstin and her team’s dedication to providing a high-quality event and bringing people together.
I have made several on-hill events, especially senior level training and these also were well run and well participated.
It says a lot about our education programs and the dedication of our instructor base in Central Division.
Thank you to everyone!

Finally, this is a busy time for everyone. Let’s be kind and thoughtful to all of our members and help by reaching out
to everyone and helping each other be the best patrollers we can be, for the betterment of the patrols, the resorts,
the regions and the NSP as an organization. This will keep us as the gold standard in outdoor education!
See you on the slopes, at events or on the bike trails!