Instructor Development

Program Supervisor:

Marie Traska

Becoming an NSP Instructor is a very rewarding process.  Questions about the Instructor Development program can be directed to your region advisor. Local Region Advisors are listed below.

Each Region will be holding Instructor Development classes throughout the year.  There are two types of classes, the normal lecture class and the online e course which also requires an in person class.

Eastern Michigan
George Gilin
(248) 417-2952

North Central
Lolita Barry
(906) 486-8152

Northern Michigan
Sharon Crockett
(231) 838-2673

Cheryl Raudabaugh
(231) 838-2673

South Central
Rick Wayne
(608) 318-3524

Joe Zarek
(630) 640-9449

Robert Iverson
(763) 757-6862

Western Michigan
Pat Livingston
(616) 481-7167