Bike Program

Bike program includes bike patrollers and hosts while mountain biking, biking at ski resorts, and biking on paved/gravel roads and trails.
Current regional bike advisors:
WESTERN- Aaron Hislop:, Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN
NORTH CENTRAL- Alex Young:,  Big Powderhorn, Bessemer, MI
WESTERN MICHIGAN- Madison Willemstein:, Cannonsburg Ski, Belmont, MI
EASTERN MICHIGAN- Vito Manzella:, CRAMBA, Southeast MI
OHIO- Tim Carley:, Central Ohio Bike Organization, OH
Northern Michigan and South Central and Southern region advisors are open at this time.
Any questions, send an e-mail and we’ll get back to you.
Mary Dunphy
CD Bike Program Supervisor
LAMBO Bike host/patrol rep