The Senior Patroller program is a national continuing education program in which Patrollers can enhance their skills in managing emergency scenarios, toboggan handling and personal skiing. This course also prepares Patrollers for leadership positions within the NSP. The program consists of core and elective components relative to Alpine and Nordic Patrollers. The program is administered at the Division level and recorded by NSP.

How to Get Started

To get started in the program contact your Patrol Director. Your Patrol Director will determine whether you are ready to enter the Senior Patroller program and if so, will then sign your application. Your next step will be to decide whether to do the OET or the OEC Module first, or to do both courses concurrently. Contact your Region Senior OET and Senior OEC advisors, who will be able to explain how the programs are conducted in your Region and advise you in your path through the program.

Most Patrollers are able to complete the Senior OEC program in one year, while many find two years necessary to complete the OET portion. Your success will depend on your present skill levels and your ability to train within each program. Both programs will provide you with ample opportunities to increase your skills and confidence in your patrolling career. There is no time limit on how long it may take you to complete the program.

Many areas and patrols have incentives for becoming a Senior Patroller. These may include anything from shift priorities to financial benefits from area management. As a Senior Patroller the skills you obtain through this process will be an asset to your patrol and ski area.

  • Current NSP member
  • Patrol Director’s recommendation with Senior Patroller application
  • At least one year’s experience patrolling recommended
  • Local only
  • Senior certificate, patch and classification
Time Commitment
  • Varies by component. There is no time limit to complete the requirements.
Continuing Education
  • Attend the annual Outdoor Emergency Care refresher

For Information on the Division Senior Program Contact:

Jeff Jurcak