Safety Team

Kevin McQuillan Central Division Safety Team Advisor
Katie Flanagan E. Michigan and Assistant Advisor
Bob Meyers North Central
Troy Green Ohio
John Davis CDSTA’s Liaison to certain patrols
Mike Knutson Western
David Menke Western Michigan
Bret Duesdieker Southern
James Arlen Northern Michigan

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Team Vision Statement

The Central Division Safety Team will be a leading authority in promoting safety in outdoor sporting activities and events.

Team Mission Statement

The Central Division Safety Team is an industry leader in the promotion and education of outdoor recreational safety. The Team upholds the National Ski Patrol’s and Central Division’s mission and core values.

Suggested ways to distribute Safety Materials during COVID:

  • Consider activities that maintain social distancing, masking with proper cleaning and hygiene.
  • Prevent crowds and large gatherings.
  • Outdoor venues that are well ventilated.
  • Distribute safety materials outside while guests are waiting in lines.
  • Scavenger hunts for safety items.

Safety Program Ideas

  • Have a booth or tent at your base area to hand out safety information.
  • Use for kids that have been separated from their parents.
  • Distribute at the chairlift with guests.
  • Give to guests who visit your on-mountain duty stations.
  • Have your season pass and ticket office hand out to guests getting passes.
  • Distribute to kids in a ski school class or winter program.
  • Meet with your local ski and snowboard racing clubs and distribute.
  • Offer them to the schools when you do outreach and educational visits.
  • Work with your conference sales group and have items placed in welcome packets.
  • Work with your lodging department and have items left in guest room.
  • Give to your patrol staff and mountain safety patrols to give to injured guests.