Eastern Michigan Region

The South Central Region supports ski patrols in southern and eastern Wisconsin. We provide education and training to volunteer patrollers, ensuring public safety on the slopes. The patrols of the South Central Region are always looking for new patrollers. If you are interested, click the JOIN button for further details.

Active Patrols
  • C004, Alpine Valley East, Website
  • C009, Apple Mountain, Website
  • C036, Detroit Metro
  • C076, Mt Brighton, Website
  • C082, Mt Holly, Website
  • C100, Pine Knob, Website
  • C165, Snowsnake Mountain
  • C169, Blizzard Metro, Website
  • C175, CRAMBA, Website
  • C283, Independence Oaks Nordic

Region Staff

This list was last updated October 20, 2023
For a current list visit: https://www.nspemr.org/officers

  • Leon LaVene, Region Director, Email
  • VACANT, Administrative Assistant
  • VACANT, Treasurer
  • Nancy Trout, ARD Off-Hill Training, Email
  • Ty Damon, Adaptive Administrator, Email
  • Robert Knox, Alumni/Historian Administrator, Email
  • Steve Knott, Awards Advisor, Email
  • VACANT, Communications Advisor
  • Larry Abramowski, Election Coordinator, Email
  • George Gilin, Inst. Development Administrator, Email
  • Jeff Hall, Legal Advisor, Email
  • Jamie Gibson, Bike Patrol Advisor, Email
  • Derek Werner, Patroller Administrator, Email
  • Rae Ruddy, OEC Administrator, Email
  • Stephen Roberts, Webmaster, Email
  • Firas Karmo, Medical Advisor, Email
  • Cheryl Nickolaou, Women's Programs, Email
  • Katie Flanagan, Safety Program, Email
  • Debra Copeland, Youth Programs (YAP), Email
  • Erik Rambo, ARD On-Hill Training, Email
  • Allen Radke, ARD On-Hill Training Past, Email
  • Wayne Lumsden, Toboggan Administrator, Email
  • Jennifer Jurcak, Skiing Administrator, Email
  • Darrin Mallard, Snowboard Administrator, Email
  • Jon O'Dell, Telemark Administrator, Email
  • James Roell, Certified Administrator, Email
  • John Taylor, Avalanche Administrator, Email
  • Larry Abramowski, Senior Testing Administrator, Email
  • Gustave Rayl, MTR Administrator, Email
  • Dave Boboltz, Nordic Administrator, Email
  • John Mehl, Section Chief EM1, Email
  • Andrea Rhodes, P.D. Alpine Valley, Email
  • Dave Boboltz, P.D. Independence Oaks, Email
  • Derek Werner, P.D. Pine Knob, Email
  • Vito Manzella, P.D. Bike Patrol CRAMBA, Email
  • Curtis Kalina, P.D. Bike Patrol Motor City, Email
  • Diane Henry, Section Chief EM2, Email
  • Joe Rossi, P.D. Blizzard Ski Club, Email
  • Ryan Tamblyn, P.D. Bike Patrol POTO, Email
  • Sean Krabach, P.D. Mt Brighton, Email
  • Sarah Hendrick, Section Chief EM3, Email
  • Shannon Upham, P.D. Mt Holly, Email
  • Lynsey Crego, P.D. Snow Snake Mt.,

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