Certified Program

Ron Gerdes
Ron Gerdes Certified Program Supervisor
rjgerdes@gmail.com 859-816-6687
Darin Lukes
Darin Lukes Certified Asst. Program Supervisor
rjgerdes@gmail.com 859-816-6687
Carl Woodcock
Carl Woodcock Certified Asst. Program Supervisor
carl.woodcock@scolopax.net 313-238-0418

The Certified program is the highest level of certification for alpine patrollers.  It enables patrollers to build on their experiences gained while patrolling and through other NSP programs.  It consists of six core modules that require independent training, advanced research, and an evaluation to complete.

  • Avalance
  • Low Angle Lift Evacuation
  • Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC)
  • Outdoor Risk Management (ORM)
  • Skiing/Riding
  • Toboggan

Steps to become a Certified Patroller:

  • Senior Alpine Patroller with 5 years of NSP membership.
  • Read Chapter 12 of the Ski Patrollers Manual.
  • Download the Central Division Certified Manual and National Study Guide.
  • Fill out the application and submit to Certified Program Supervisor prior to January 1st.
  • Attend a Certified Qualification Clinic and demonstrate the skiing and tobogganing skills necessary to be accepted into the program.
  • Attend the annual Certified evaluation, passing all of the program modules within the allotted three-year window.
  • Still have questions? Talk to a Certified Patroller and/or your Region Certified Advisor about the program, contact information is below.

NSP Program Documents

Note: The following documents are hosted on NSP.org and are available for your reference.


Certified Program description from P&P

Certified Modules

Certified Module 1 Avalanche

Certified Module 2 Low Angle Lift Evac

Certified Module 3 OEC

Certified Module 4 ORM

Certified Module 5 Skiing Riding

Certified Module 6 Toboggan


Jamie Roell
Jamie Roell Eastern Michigan Region Advisor
5jvroell@comcast.net 248-922-3745
Paul Fuchs
Paul Fuchs South Central Region Advisor
psfwho@gmail.com 970-480-7614
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson North Central Region Advisor
tpanderson@charter.net 906-361-7609
Todd Shurtz
Todd Shurtz Southern Region Advisor
nsp617@gmail.com 847-309-7408
Carl Woodcock
Carl Woodcock Northern Michigan Region Advisor
carl.woodcock@scolopax.net 734-207-0438
Aaron Hislop
Aaron Hislop Western Region Advisor
aaron@houseofhislop.com 507-358-9156
David McKinley
David McKinley Ohio Region Advisor
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Hal Froot
Hal Froot Western Michigan Region Advisor
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