2023 Remember to Vote!

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Dear Central Division Patrollers,

The election for the NSP Board of Directors in underway, and we are urgently asking that you participate. This year, there are five open positions on the Board, and 11 candidates are vying for them.

To ensure the best candidates are elected, we all must make the effort to vote. It only takes a few minutes. Historically, less than 10% of patrollers across the nation have voted, potentially overlooking the most qualified individuals.

To simplify the candidate selection process, our Central Division Board, alongside Assistant Division Directors, have assessed the candidates based on several criteria. We’ve identified the candidates we consider the “Most Qualified.”

The identified candidates are:

Lance Vaughan – Far West Division

Deb Endly – Central Division

Liz Dodge – Pacific Northwest Division

Joseph (Butch) MacQueen – Eastern Division

Jeff Wille – Rocky Mountain Division

This assessment is meant as a helpful perspective, not a directive on how to vote. We encourage you to review each candidate’s information on the NSP website, review the candidate forums, and make an informed decision by voting for the five candidates you believe in.

The voting process started on October 15th and remains open until December 1, 2023, accessible on the NSP.org website in the Member Services section. If you encounter any login issues, please reach out to your Patrol Director/Patrol Representative.

Thank you for your dedication to serving the skiing community and playing a role in selecting our National Ski Patrol leaders.

See you on the slopes!

Your Central Division Board of Directors and Staff, Division Director, Regional Directors, Asst. Division Directors