The Central Division OET Program focuses on Train the Trainer information and certification for those that will be leading region events.  Following are links to some reference documents that may be useful in running your events:

December ASDW Clinics offer four main sessions for Toboggan:

Session 4: Senior Toboggan Evaluator Certification (Successful/Unsuccessful session)

Note there are 3 categories for participants.

Enrollment Category Groupings and who should attend: Participant must select one category below. Minimum qualifications to register for the group are also noted.

Senior Toboggan Evaluator Certification: Current toboggan evaluators who are ready to test to become a newly certified evaluator this year.  Note: Any prior senior toboggan evaluator who did not maintain the 3-yr. re-certification approved status must enroll here for a new certification.

Region Senior Toboggan Calibrator Certification: currently certified senior toboggan evaluators that are also Toboggan ITs and who plan to serve as a Calibrator for their Region ASDW event this season.  This will also cover 3yr IT evaluator re-cert requirements.  Note – It is possible to pass for the re-cert, but not to be approved as a calibrator.

Current Senior Toboggan Evaluators Recertification: who wish to recertify as an approved Senior Evaluator. This meets the 3yr requirement for Region/Division re-certification. Re-certification can be completed at either the Division or Region ASDW events.

Evaluation FactorsSuccessful participant will be able to demonstrate technical knowledge of senior standards (+/=/-) and scorecard, effective assessment (movement analysis) skills, and feedback methods. Participant will also have toboggan skills at or above senior level personally and show ability to demonstrate and teach senior candidates effectively.

Category Limit: Maximum of three (3) participants per Region.

Result: Participants will be identified as one or more of the following – 1) New Senior Toboggan Evaluator, 2) Approved Region Senior Toboggan Calibrator for the upcoming season, 3) Signed off as successfully meeting re-certification criteria to continue as a Senior Toboggan Evaluator, or 4) unsuccessful-not approved to serve as a Senior level Toboggan Evaluator for this year.

Session 5: Toboggan Trainers IT Certification (Successful/Unsuccessful session)

Note there are 2 categories for participants.

Enrollment Category Groupings and who should attendParticipant must select one category below. Minimum qualifications to register for the group are also noted.

Instructor Trainer Recommendation:  Toboggan Trainer that would like to become an Instructor Trainer for Central Division.  The participant must be a current toboggan trainer in good standing, active at the Region level as a trainer and/or evaluator.

Instructor Trainer Re-certification: Current Toboggan Instructor Trainers who wish to recertify (within their 3-yr. cycle).

Evaluation Factors:

Successful participants will provide a clear understanding of the responsibilities and best practices of the Lead operator, the Tail rope operator and how the toboggan maneuvers aid in accomplishing the end goal. This includes delivering the toboggan to the accident scene, then safely and expeditiously transporting the injured guest to the next level of care.  The IT must have a level of competency in both teaching and demonstration at the senior level.

Demonstrating the skills listed above and a willingness and demonstrated ability to teach other trainers may result in a recommendation to the Division Supervisor for appointment. Otherwise, this would be a certificate of completion for a TTW.

Category Limit: Maximum of two (2) participants per Region.

Result: Participants will be identified as one or more of the following – 1) IT Certification test pass, and recommendation to Div. Supr for IT appointment for upcoming year, 2) IT Certification Re-certification complete, 3) Toboggan Trainer Re-cert w/o IT recommendation for this year, or 4) Participant is unsuccessful or incomplete and recommended for further training or other action.

Session 6: Hybrid Version Senior Toboggan Evaluator and IT Recertification

Who Should Attend:

This is a special combined session for Senior IT Evaluators who expect to also be a Region calibrator and need their Toboggan IT recertification in the same year.

Note – these should be highly proficient evaluators & trainers, currently active for Region/Division, able to quickly demonstrate skills so that session time can then become focused on building programs for the future.

Category Limit: Maximum of 8 per location, approved by the Region Director and Division Toboggan Supervisor.

Result: Any combination of results from Session 4 & 5; expectation is approval as a Region toboggan calibrator and for appointment to continue as a Division IT for the OET program.

Session 7: Toboggan Trainers Prep Clinic (Certificate of Completion) – Tracy

Who Should Attend:

This is a special session for Toboggan Trainers who wish to sharpen their teaching and demonstration skills with Division Staff.

Session Will Provide:

Effective feedback delivery, movement analysis, technical knowledge review, teaching/building effective progressions and overall preparation for a successful Toboggan Trainer or IT candidate

Category Limit: Maximum 8 per location.

Note:  Minimum qualifications to register for the group are:  NSP Alpine Toboggan Trainer in good standing.