Central Division Certified Program

Ron Gerdes
Division Certified Supervisor
Email : rjgerdes@gmail.com
Cell: 859-816-6687

Certified Mission Statement

“Certified is a national skills development and verification program that provides a readily identifiable resource of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable patrollers to better serve NSP, ski area management and the outdoor recreation community.”

Steps to become a Certified Patroller:

Central Division Regional Certified Administrators:

Eastern Michigan Jamie Roell 248-922-3745 jvroell@comcast.net
Northern Michigan Carl Woodcock 734-207-0438 carl.woodcock@scolopax.net">
Western Michigan Hal Froot 616-235-0161 skicrud@ameritech.net
North Central John Keating 960-360-1250 jkeating425@gmail.com">
South Central Paul S. Fuchs 970-480-7614 psfwho@gmail.com
Western  Aaron Hislop 507-358-9156 aaron@houseofhislop.com
Southern Todd Shurtz 847-309-7408 nsp617@gmail.com
Ohio Dave McKinley 502-262-1061 davemckinley4@yahoo.com

Program Documents

PDF download   Central Division Certified Manual
PDF download MSWORD download   Certified Application
PDF download MSWORD download   Mitigation Study Guide
PDF download   Chapter 12 Final Updates 5-17-2013
PDF download   NSP Study Guide V2 10-27-2013 Beta