Youth Protection Training

About National Ski Patrol’s youth protection training requirement

National Ski Patrol’s Policies and Procedures requires that key NSP leaders and other members
working with protected parties will complete youth protection training from an NSP-approved
training source. The requirement provides several options for completing the training.

These instructions are for completing an option that is free for NSP members through
Armatus/Praesidum that is valid for 3 years.

How to access Armatus/Praesidium Youth Protection training

Patrollers and leaders who are required to take the training and wish to use the free Praesidium
option should contact Member Records ( to request an invite from

If your patrol has multiple patrollers who must take the training, the Patrol Rep can send the
national office an excel list of the members needing to take the course with the following:
Last name, First name, member ID, email address IN SEPARATE CELLS. This format
allows the office to mass upload the invite requests. (To access a template document for
this purpose, download the Youth Protection Training upload file from the Document
Library > Membership.)

Each member will receive an invitation that provides a link to create a password and activate
their account.

They will then access the course and a list of modules to complete (see below). They must
complete all items to receive a completion certificate.

Anyone who has already completed the course in the past and has a Praesidium Academy
training account doesn’t need to contact the office first. They can login with their existing login
information at
If you cannot remember your password, click on Forgot your password and follow the

For extra assistance, please contact Praesidium, Inc., 800-743-6354.
Once you and / or your patrollers have completed the training, send the certifications to your
Division Director or an assignee.

Required modules:

Duty to report
Preventing sexual activity among adolescents
Meet Sam

Other options for certification (Fees/Duration may vary):

Boy Scouts of America – 2 Years (Free)
Virtus – 4 Years (Catholic Archdiocese)
Ministry Safe – 2-3 year and they get background checked
Civil Air Patrol – 4 years
SafeSport – Annual
Medical and Educational professionals credentials are also accepted