Womens Clinic

2021 Women’s Clinic


Hello Ladies of the Central Division!


The mission of the Central Division Women’s Program is:
  • To share passion with the purpose of encouraging and supporting other NSP women in a nurturing environment.
  • To build participants’ confidence to accept the challenges of leadership roles and improve their personal skill set.
  • To encourage active recruiting of women in the NSP.


As a result of a women’s focused program there is a conscious effort to see more women step up into instructor roles, mentoring roles, and leadership roles. The building of confidence, expansion of horizons, and mentoring in leadership provides a strong role model of women in the NSP. The women of the Central Division carry on the mission of the Women’s Program, develop more leaders and promote recruitment of new women members in the NSP.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person events have been canceled for this season. Because we want to connect with you, we have scheduled a virtual event to continue the work of the Women’s Program.

Women’s Clinic 2021

This annual event will be held virtually on Saturday, January 30th at 7pm CST/8pm EST. Please see your email for the Zoom link or visit us on the Central Division Women’s Program Facebook page.

Kerstin Hammarberg
Women’s Program Supervisor
Email : cdwomensprogram@gmail.com