Dan Somalski Memorial Fund


Dan Somalski Scholarship

The Central Division is proud to support a trust established in honor of a very special friend, patroller, and mentor, the late Dan Somalski. Dan, as many of us know, dedicated much of his 25-year patrol career to helping others attain their goals both on and off of the mountain. As a long-time Certified Patroller (#426) and PSIA Alpine level 3 instructor, he was legendary both inside and outside of the handles. It is in memory of Dan’s example that the trust was created to ease the burden of a patroller’s credentialing costs while encouraging advancement.
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Any patroller, who is a member in good standing of the National Ski Patrol and the Central Division, may apply for an educational grant. The intended activities include (a) any National Ski Patrol education or other programs or activities and (b) PSIA/AASI certification.

Download the application and email to: tomanderson407@gmail.com

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Tom Anderson
Email : tomanderson407@gmail.com