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Northern Michigan

Date(s)Event TypeRegionLocationContact
Jan 06, 18TESTING/TRAININGNorthern Michigan
 On-Hill Instructor Calibration Clinic - Nubs Nob
Jan 07, 18TESTING/TRAININGNorthern Michigan
 On-hill Candidate Clinic - Nubs Nob
Jan 20, 18OECNorthern Michigan
 OEC MSP Clinic - Schuss Mountain
Feb 03, 18OTHER EVENTSNorthern Michigan
 SES - Schuss Mountain
Feb 04, 18OTHER EVENTSNorthern Michigan
 TES - Boyne Mountain
Feb 25, 18TESTING/TRAININGNorthern Michigan
 NMR Senior On-Hill Evaluation - Nubs Nob
Mar 04, 18OECNorthern Michigan
 OEC MSP Evaluation - Treetops
Mar 18, 18OTHER EVENTSNorthern Michigan
 NMR Women's Clinic - Nubs Nob


Date(s)Event TypeRegionLocationContact
 Last date to submit nominations for Region Director for Ohio Region.


Date(s)Event TypeRegionLocationContact
TBDAWARDSSouthernSection 5Brian Parrish Parrish.brian@gmail.com
 Annual Region Awards Banquet, courses, and meetings
Jan 01, 18 to
May 31, 18
DEADLINESSouthernvia e-mailJulie Timmons julieski2@gmail.com
 Southern Cross Submissions Due 2018 Jan 4th Feb 21st May 23rd
Jan 01, 18 to
Jan 01, 18
DEADLINESSouthernwww.southernregionnsp.orgMike Vaerewyck nsp461@msn.com
 Applications for Senior due Look in members area user id minnie password rusty
Jan 06, 18 to
Jan 08, 18
NORDICSouthernMinocqua WI and Indianhead MIJeff Schmidt nordjas.aol.com
 Division Nordic SES Division Tele Clinic
Jan 06, 18 to
Jan 07, 18
TESTING/TRAININGSouthernWilmot, WIJon Malhiot, jdmalhiot@gmail.com
 Region - Alpine Skills Development Workshop
Jan 12, 18 to
Jan 12, 18
DEADLINESSouthernFRandall@flhtci.netFrank Randall
 Award Nominations due
Jan 27, 18 to
Jan 28, 18
TESTING/TRAININGSouthernChestnut MtnDave Malhiot dmalhiot@yahoo.com 708-692-0990
 Region SES/TES
Jan 27, 18 to
Jan 27, 18
AWARDSSouthernGalena, ILFrank Randall frandall@flhtci.net
 Region Awards Meeting
Feb 23, 18 to
Feb 25, 18
NORDICSouthernnordjas@aol.comJeff Schmidt
 American Birkebeiner
Feb 24, 18 to
Feb 24, 18
TESTING/TRAININGSouthernChestnut MtnJon Malhiot jdmalhiot@gmail.com 708-692-0914
 Alpine Hill Evaluation
Feb 25, 18 to
Feb 25, 18
SENIORSouthernChestnut MtnSue Smith sbskier@hotmail.com 260-577-4107
 OEC MSP - Outdoor Emergency Care Module for Senior Program


Date(s)Event TypeRegionLocationContact
TBDDEADLINESWesternKen Meldahl
 Last date to submit nominations for Region Director for Western Region.

Western Michigan

Date(s)Event TypeRegionLocationContact
TBDTest/TrainingWestern MichiganCannonsburgHal Froot-skicrud@ameritech.net
 Low Angle Rescue Course
TBDDEADLINESWestern MichiganKen Meldahl
 Last day to submit nominations for Region Director for Western Michigan Region
TBDMTRWestern MichiganTBDMichael Walenta; michaelwalenta@gmail.com
 Section II MTR

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