Senior Auxiliary

 Auxiliary & Senior Auxiliary Programs

NSP defines Auxiliary as a skill classification.  Auxiliaries have the same membership and continuing education requirements of other skill classifications without the ski and toboggan component. Our Auxiliary Program is a viable alternative and good personal choice for patrollers who for what ever reason choose to not work a toboggan. The auxiliary program is not and should not be considered an end point.   Encouragement of patroller personal development should continue no matter what the skill classification.

 We want to get to know all of our Auxiliary Patrollers better.  If you are an auxiliary patroller  follow this link to our auxiliary survey [Click Here].  Let Central Division know what we can do to help you as an auxiliary patroller.  If you would like to become an auxiliary patroller, contact your local or region auxiliary advisor. If you do not know who they are, your PR will be able to help.  Want more information?  Download our new information brochure.  

Auxiliary Program Focus

There is no typical auxiliary.  Rather than focusing on what an auxiliary patroller cannot do, lets focus on what they can do.    Auxiliary patrollers can do everything any other patroller can do with the exception of ski and toboggan tasks.  Many auxiliary patrollers do ski and can be first responders to incidents on the hill if area management is in agreement.  All patrollers should be recognized for their strengths, no matter  what the skill classification.  As we begin to focus on the auxiliary patrollers’ strengths and encourage them to excel through our leadership programs, we as an organization will reap the rewards our auxiliary patrollers can bring.

Some of our Senior Auxiliary Patrollers do participate in sled handling. They are interested in the prospect of dual registration with the National office as both Senior Auxiliary and Alpine Basic.  Through agreements with their local area management they continue to function as  alpine patrollers on the local level.  These people have chosen the Senior Auxiliary option to enhance leadership skills and provide entry into patrol leadership positions at home, region, division and even on the national level.  Take another look at our auxiliary patrollers.  Help them to help you by encouraging leadership development through the Senior Auxiliary program.  Capture the energy; utilize all of your resources.  For more information on the  Auxiliary and Senior Auxiliary Programs, contact the Central Division Auxiliary Supervisor or your Region Auxiliary Administrator.

Central Division would like to familiarize all patrollers with the auxiliary skill classification.   A slide show is available to help spread the word about our auxiliary skill classification.  Follow this link and download the slide show.

Senior Auxiliary Program Guidelines

Central Division has rolled out guidelines for the Auxiliary Patroller to develop leadership skills through the Senior Auxiliary Program.  Follow this link to the guidelines

 Program Transitioning

Patrollers can move from one skill classification to another by completing the requirements of that skill classification.   Senior Auxiliary patrollers are moving into the Senior alpine classification.  Other auxiliaries are completing requirements for alpine skill classification.  The following flow charts delineate pathways to and from the Auxiliary skill classifications.